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A Wrist Wraps Success By Building A Community

November 3, 2016

Once in a while a see a company that is doing a really great job both marketing and engaging their community, in ways that lead it to succeed and I have to highlight their success! Today’s blog is an e-commerce case study that analyzes the success of Manimal, and e-commerce shop that sells weight lifting wrist straps in the highly niche Crossfit market. Manimal’s website is simple, built on the Shopify platform with a fairly dormant blog, but they are killing it on social. With a proper social strategy, any company can generate steady sales in a way not seen before. I commend Manimal’s success and will highlight their achievements and how you can do so to below.


The stats:

  • url:
  • Facebook: 40,000+ likes
  • Instagram: 30,000+ likes


Manimal has built an incredible social following for their brand, which no doubt has translated into amazing sales for the company. What do I like that they are doing and how can you replicate it in your company? See below.

They Know Their Audience

It’s super important for you to understand your audience and where they reside so that you can successfully engage them and convert them into paying customers. You can tell Manimal has cracked the code here – fitness is a visual industry, so naturally their biggest audiences are on Instagram and Facebook, the two biggest platforms for image and video sharing on the web to showcase their wrist straps. This helps you both original build your audience through advertising, but in time be found naturally by other users on the platform in a natural way.

They Understand Engagement

Manimal has done a great job engaging their audience on both Facebook and Instagram. Primarily a seller of crossfit wrist wraps, they’ve naturally created content around their customers use of the product, which immediately creates social proof and a sense of loyalty from purchasers who see you appreciate them. Furthermore, they engage in a natural way with their audience through comments and relevant posts such as videos instead of the push content plan I often see being implemented by inexperienced companies. On Facebook, such comment engagement is gold because the algorithm can see activity on the post, which boosts it to users generating more exposure.

Overall, Manimal is a company doing amazing things on social that will definitely continue to succeed going forward!

Top Three Tips For Internet Marketing

October 30, 2016

If you are getting started with internet marketing today, there are things you need to know. For my first blog, I plan to layout what I’ve learned working in this industry for many years and hope that you can take my advice and skip countless mistakes made by me and ultimate shorten your path to success. Why should you listen to me? If you are here, chances are someone has mentioned my name – I’m Joe Kay and I have been doing internet marketing for more than 10 years. First, I focused on SEO and web design (which isn’t really internet marketing), but with the rise of both analytics and social networks, my client network was seeking for a conversion pro and my brand was born. Today I focus primarily on SEO, Facebook advertising and sales funnels to help my clients grow their business. Here’s my two cents.



There’s No Such Thing As Luck

The first mistake I see from people that get started either selling marketing services or taking on marketing for their on digital companies is that, in mimicking the offline world, they throw things at the wall and see what sticks. They may create a Google or Facebook ad and let it sit hoping the internet fairy makes it work. In web marketing, there is no such thing as luck – everything works or fails for a reason, and thanks to the amount of metrics you can track on an advertisement or sales page, if you know what you are doing you can eventually get it right and win..big!

It Takes Time

Back in the early 2000s internet marketers lived in paradise – link building was almost instantaneous and cheap, advertisements were inexpensive and delivered huge ROI, and email open rates were in the double digits. Those days are gone, and anyone who tells you otherwise is scamming you – algorithms and consumers have gotten smarter, which means that all your marketing efforts will take time. Keep that in mind with any campaigns you begin.

Things Change

Each platform you use to market will have changes that will affect your strategies. Make sure you tune in daily and learn to adapt on the fly.