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Starting A Successful Construction Company

January 26, 2017

Last year we worked with a client who was just starting his construction company. He intended to go after the custom homes market and was looking to set up his web presence to capture leads online. This is the overview of how we helped him grow.

Starting a business today always requires a strategy that is digital first. Even offline businesses that are brick and mortar, consultants, or in this case, construction should focus on mastering and claiming their digital space. Why? Because you should always reverse engineer your farming. Your clients are the lifeblood of your company, and you have to be where they are. Today when someone needs to renovate their home or build something new, they search the web.

Our client was set with his new pick up truck, took kits, led driving lights for those late nights and all the business documents needed to actually start working, but was missing the work. Here’s how we set him up and how you can do it too if you haven’t already.

The Destination

The first we did was register a proper domain and created a website. Despite a business having multiple channels of communication, if someone has a website and publicly advertises it, that’s where people will go.

But having a website has a lot more perks than you owning your own piece of digital real estate, as we’ll see below. With a website, you can work towards moving your rankings through Google and eventually being found by people that don’t even know you but are looking for your services.

The Funnel

Having a clear plan of action when it comes to conversions is what separates those who succeed in the digital space with those who don’t. A funnel is a series of steps you set up with the sole intend for your website visitor to commit a desired action. In this case, the funnel was intended to turn website visitors into current and future leads. This was done through the set up of an e-mail list builder, like Mailchimp, and enticing content. We helped this client create compelling content that their audience would find interesting, such as DIY articles and money saving tips.

When a lead was interested in one of these gems, they’d register for more information in exchange for an e-mail. From there, the leads can be nurtured by our client for eventual business.

We’re happy to say our client is extremely happy with the way things are going, and we can do the same for you!